Dress: Mom's old Celine 

I've been dreaming about the fields of my hometown in Karelia lately. Huge green fields under an empty summer sky.
In this first dream I was walking my neighbours dog. A huge black Doberman.

The dog was strong and wild and I could barely hold her as she dragged me by the leash through the damp grass and the poppy flowers. But as soon as I let go of the leash she would instantly stop, return to my feet and sit down quietly like a true lapdog.

After a while I understand she wants to tell me something. I follow her to this willow tree with bent old branches (I hadn't noticed the tree before, although it's right in the middle of the field.)
As soon as we're there she starts climbing the branches, higher and higher and I follow her through the thick green and the world dissapears under us. Suddenly we're right under the sky and I can see EVERYTHING from here but as I turn to the dog to thank her for showing me this she suddenly jumps of her branch and dissapears into the clouds beneath.

When I return to the neighbour with an empty leash and tell him what has happened he looks confused and points at the sofa where the dog is lying, sleeping.
I look down on my hands and notice that there’s no leash. Then I wake up.


  1. so where did the dog go?????

  2. Gotta love trippy dreams. Would love to see more of this but the photo is lovely.

  3. It's all so Mysterious. I've tried lookin' for you all my life, and now you are here I havn't got a clue who you are. It's like Emily Dickinsson on speed, magic and sad and beautiful at the same time. I love u!!