The Chanel party. Just as luxurious as the invitation suggested. Hidden in the garden behind the store. Lush greenery. Scents of flowers and perfume. String Quartet playing Bach in front of grannys old friends. More war diamonds than in the Sierra Leone town hall.

Four VERY smily women welcomes us. Me in my Dior and Black in some weird army suit.
"So happy you could join us!" They smile and try not to look @ Blacks outfit.
"Just give us the champagne" black snorts.

After about eight glasses more, the well-combed staff looks sort of reluctant to come Blacks way. Black waves, but gets no attention. She turns towards the SMILING guy in front holding some speech about what a CREATIVE woman Coco was. How her sense of style dragged her from her misery. I see how Blacks eyes get darker.
"You could say a lot of Coco" Black shouts "but she wouldn't have let her party guests go thirsty!"
The audience turns towards us. 200 disgusted eyes.
I want to disappear, vanish, but the guy don't lose a beat.
"So you like our champagne" he begins, with a sardonic voice, but he has missed on Blacks mood.

"Yeah we like champagne" black interrupts him. "But yours? Well I guess you are right about Cocos CREATIVITY. I mean how she used the Nazi occupation of Paris to fuck half the occupation government and @ the same time get control of some lucrative perfume business by having the owners sent of to Auschwitz and their shares given to the "aryan" Coco. I mean, it's THEIR perfume money that still pays for this party, so just GIMME some fucking CHAMPAGNE will you?"

While the smiling ladies (not smiling anymore) are leading us out, Black seems in a festive mood.
"Thank you ladies" she says "I'm sure Coco would appreciate your sense of tradition, I mean the fact that you all still are FASCISTS here!!"

(And readers: how do you like this? I'm hesitating to write everything black does, it's like she does more outrageous things just because she knows I'll write about it. Like she's starting to act like a character in a book or something? What do you think?)


  1. omg, this time black went a little bit to far. she wasn't even invited.

  2. You were already like characters in a book. No need to over-do it and seem fake? Just say you won't write about her then or something...?

  3. I'm for anything that encourages bad behavior

  4. The harsh reality of a sharp tongue
    stings the left hemisphere of a fleshy mass
    sitting atop a mechanized shell.
    Like a surge of unwanted light
    they crawl back into Plato’s cave.

    They sit behind an iron curtain
    Watching the light show held from behind.
    Dabbling in the reflection of aesthetics
    Life, to them, is one picturesque Ayn Rand ball.

    The ideals left by Tolstoy, Marx, and Mills hold no value, here.
    Here, only absolute value is feasible
    far from its hold on numbers.
    Asceticism exists only between dimensions
    Such smiling ladies could never understand.

    To learn of a waking life
    an explanation only Frederik Van Eeden could produce
    Is to learn of what is so bittersweet.
    Unparalleled wisdom, therefore,
    is drowned by the bubbling sparkle of a fermented French grape.

  5. black is an interesting soul.


  7. Can't even handle how much I love where this is going. Haven't had an outburst in a while but this reminds me of something pretty wonderful. If she's going to freak on strangers, maybe next she'll actually speak with you about what's going on. You ladies make me laugh.

  8. Black is a badass.
    let she does everything she wants to. but be careful, we can see you're kind of afraid to write about Black's behavior. if you think she's doing this just because she knows you're gonna write about it, don't write about it and see if she's acting like herself or like a character.


  9. thanks for the "history" lesson on Chanel. Your blog is obviously fiction but strangely entertaining.

  10. Corpse Wings †: she IS. she's always been like this, kinda. but it's like... it's getting out of HER control. yeah. it's worth a try. X

  11. Anonymous: reality is ficiton. every word i write is true. (and this is not a riddle)

  12. Well, if you ask us, we'll just want more. I think she's your Edie Sedgwick.

  13. Yes, everyone always keeps silent about the Nazi history behind the maison Chanel. I think it's great that you're bringing it up.
    Why is there so much discussion weather your stories are true or not? Who cares, they are fucking great! Finally someone who is speaking their mind and going against the current.

  14. this sounds like too much fun. as soon as I can im running away and coming to live with you! im sure you could use a "Red" in the gang.

  15. Johana Kafie: i'll give you more, then! xx

  16. Ivania: i've never grasped the difference between reality/dream. but at least i'm TRUE. thank you. (ps. i LOVE your hair color. it's amazing).

  17. Maebe Isadora: YES. we would love a pneumonia red. x

  18. you SHOULD write a book.
    and maybe your character can be craziest than Black's army outfit.

    + love

  19. I love to have a drink with black! Keep bringing your stories. They are very entertaining. Loving your blog. xxx