Standin in front of the house I just inherited from granny. White spanish walls hidden in the lush greenery. I think of Pneumonia Black. It was the year of Christina Aguilera, Starbucks latte, Shrek 2, when Hilfiger used bright candy colors on bomber jackets and the xxxx.
Me and Black used to sneak into the neighbours garden, smoke dads bootleg Cohibas and drink Madeira whine.

My thoughs are interrupted by the mexican gardener. He's wearing a huge paisley fretted jacket. Sweat dripping from his forehead making new patterns on it.
He tells me the pros and cons of the neighborhood, just like the popular kids do with new students @ high school.

Pro: lots of gardening to do.
Con: only idiots live here. Especially the woman in 306. And everyone else.

I nod and tell him I hope not to spoil his description.


  1. love you're poetry….xo

  2. i think you should TRY to spoil his description

  3. yur so inspireing! Thx for tht! So talented!

  4. i love these photos and the styling. and you of course xo