(Dress + jacket - Dolce & Gabbana SS11)

Black has gone to meet her family and left me all alone. My head is sore but my mind is enlightened from yesterday at Paul & AndrĂ©. In the middle of the night I got this strange call, I can’t tell you yet what it was about, but it has to do with granny. Made me wake up in a sad mood. Now I’m on my way downtown to shop for funeral clothes.

TODAYS OUTFIT: swan lake


  1. Buy something cool.

    xx from poland (if u now where poland is) /M.

  2. I think I'm becoming addicted to this stories :)
    Btw,I love the pics

  3. Funeral clothing shopping would definitely be my least favorite kind of shopping. :(

  4. I've been wondering... is that actually a dermal anchor?