(Vanessa Bruno dress + J.W. Anderson necklace)

Black enters the door. Light fabric in bloom flowing behind her. A vague scent of cigarette smoke and Opium. She wears nothing but grannys rabbit slippers and an open morning gown.
"Attorney guy told me to give you this." She hands me a note.
I read it. The date of the funeral has been moved. To 32th of august. I look @ her and then @ the note.
"But this is crazy! Did you tell him I wanted 2 speak 2 him?" I say. She nods.
"I did!" She says. "But he seemed, like, stressed or something."
"Mhmm." I look @ her tits. "And you wore only that?"
"No." She smiles. "I didn't actually have time 2 put ANYTHING on. This I picked up on my way back."

So I had 2 call the attorney 2 make an appointment. It's tomorrow @ two. I'm going to ask him if he knows anything about Mr Mysterious.


  1. that necklace is incredible.

  2. beba: yeah. all this confuses me. dunno if the attorney is weird or if black is trying to mess with my mind...

  3. I've been addicted to your blog ever since you emailed me. Your words are their own type of drug. I need my daily fix.

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  4. I'm in awe right now! So glad you emailed me, I in love with your style of writing and your blog is definitely addictive.


  5. Wonderful photo!

    And 32th of august? Sounds quite interesting...

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  6. This just gets better and better. I want to know MORE! Post more often plz.

  7. Haha I would never have the balls to open the door in my open robe, nevermind naked! She's funny. But at the same time seems like she's hiding something. Something that's not her tits.

  8. The Closest Circle, thank you, now tell your friends and lovers!

  9. Aimee you'd b surprised what Black can do, but you may still b right. There is something about her, but it's hard 2 talk about.

  10. why do you care so much about popularity?

  11. courtney michele: thank you love, happy to supply

  12. I don't understand this blog.
    Are you and Cocorosa Black and White?
    Because .. There are many pictures of Cocorosa?
    Can you please explain to me how it works? :-)
    P.S. Your pictures are very beautiful! I love them. They inspire me so much! :-)

  13. Anonymous: Dear, I don't always understand myself either. I am Pneumonia White, my best friend is Pneumonia Black. There's links in the sidebar to the right were you can read about us and those I mention in the blog. I once took a photo of CocoRosa when I was in NY but there isn't a single picture of coco in my blog. The blonde one is me.
    Hope this cleared things out for you, and thank you so much. Love

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  15. DOH! I am so sorry.. :-) Cocorosa is very beautiful, and i think you look like her! Like, a lot! Kisses

  16. You must make this into a book you know. The most beautifully written story with photos every other page. I love it.

  17. I picked this up on my way back. Lol too good.