Drove to the 99cent store and filled the truck with everything from root beer to water pistols, placed a few tables on the lawn and painted a sign. ”Seven11 - Black & White edition” in glitter colors. Dressed in couture Versace and a Darth Vader mask, Black knocked on every door in the neighborhood and handed out discount cards.
”A new store just opened around the corner! It has everything you will ever need AND more!” She shouted in their faces.

But it went all to blazes. We didn’t sell a thing. Probably because no one knew the secret password for entrance.

"Idiots." Black whispered to me. "Barbosa - how can ppl NOT get that? It's so easy."

When the heat of the Darth Vader disguise got unbearable we decided to declare bankruptcy. Gave all the stuff to the gardener. He threw them in the bin.


Tonight double sided Pneumonia hits Chateau Marmont. Will I see you there?


  1. you two have too much fun! what a wonderful day!

  2. Wish I lived in LA and knew what Chateau Marmont was so I could meet you haha! Barbosa has got to be the best secret password.

  3. these are brilliant shots, i just love them too much i think


  4. skittles are my absolute favorite candy.

  5. caaaandy :)


  6. You are enchanting. This reminds me of dizzying happiness in tragic times, and of lives past.

  7. What sweet and playful shots, you definitely have an intriguing way of looking at things :)