Back home I just stare at her in confusion and suddenly I notice. It's something with her eyes, an hazy sharpness that I can’t remember from when we were young.
"Please Black,” I say "if something happened when I was away you must tell me."
"Something happened?" she mocks me "Happened like sex? Oh I know what you wanna hear… so it was @ Bardot. Me and Perez Hilton had just..."
I shrug trying not to laugh.
"Seriously" I say "if there is something..."
"Ok YOU tell me" she snaps "tell me about Viktor. Tell me about how he used to read night time stories for you while you crossed seas in a bird of steel. Tell me about his smile, about his…"

But I don't hear her anymore. I'm out of the room.


Why is she like this? It's like the only thing we can do is to party. As soon as something even vaguely serious comes up she runs away.


Well. If that's the way it's going to be, fine! Tomorrow we're going to Chanel’s Party @ Rodeo Drive. I've gotten a hand written invitation. Well, ok, it's for granny, but I'm the heir, right?


  1. Hi Anya! Phantasmic as always. Had to Feature Your Beautiful Blog amongst a few others for a Stylish Blogger Award...;)

    Faiza xo
    Velvet Moon Diaries

  2. Wow so so jealous you get to go to such an extravagant party! Perhaps it'll make you forget what's on your mind as of late. But, you know, you have to face reality eventually. Good luck.

  3. FAIZA - very flattering, thank you so much.

  4. Aimee - Kinda did, until Black opened her mouth..