Woke up in a cocoon of silk and silence. Walls decorated with sunlight and distorted shadows. I made my way to the kitchen where I found a note.
"My Coco Pops are NOT common land"
Me and Aloysius searched the house for whoever wrote it, but as usual saw no one. Not even Black (she was out on one of her morning "power walks" that, I hate 2 say, are starting 2 upset the neighborhood). I tried to feed Aloysius the last cereals, but he refused to swallow. At least I have one new vital clue: the mysterious guest eats not only red velvet cake. He also eats teddy bear food.


Two hours later. Me and Black drink tall coffees in the shadow of the palm trees @ Bel Air Blvd. Black is a hallucination in blue lipstick. Caught in our euphoria she sprinkles our happiness onto strangers.
"Love your style darling, very Freud…ish!" she sings to a guy with a huge hat. "What's that supposed to symbolize?"
I just sit with a cigarette between my unpainted lips and smile.


Tonight we'll try something we haven't 4 a long time.


Btw: please comment! I see you in my statistics, but our world is built by words, not numbers.


  1. Oh this is the most intriguing thing I've read in a long time. Where did YOU come from? Love from miles away.

  2. I picture you and Black sipping coffee in Hollywood blv and I wish I was there with you...so missing the LA vibe!!!!
    luv xxx

  3. I'm watching people eat their plastic lunches. Why am I here?

  4. I've found my new obsession
    in the form of a freshly painted sepulchre.
    A woman blindingly white
    with a soul of darkened grey.
    Her words filled with pneumatic tones
    her hands laid heavily upon that which she is infinitely bound.
    Yet, her breath speaks no pillar of hope
    and her eyes are darkened
    darkened beyond the delicate reality of her veil.

    She is but a metaphor, maybe
    an example of the non-illusory.
    Something so intoxicating
    her pages so existential
    Yet she has found a place in my mind
    a haunting and forshadowing existence
    that I will continue to follow.

    With admiration, not from afar.

  5. I've had trouble commenting on blogs lately, it seems to be the ones like this that are embedded into the page. So I can only comment as anonymous..perhaps other people are having that problem too?

    I would like to climb inside your world for an adventure please!



  6. I'm such a fan of you sweetheart! Your blog is soo intrusting!! You are truly an amazing photographer artist/ writer!! I heart you white.and black.

  7. I see trouble...
    oh well, now I have another obsession.
    Death is one.
    Pneumonia White the other.

    By the way, I love your photography.

  8. "the more we know, the greater we find is our ignorance." welcome to the mystery.
    <3 theseunitedstatesofamericans.blogspot.com

  9. amazing photos!
    you and black are so mysterious, makes me want to know more<3

  10. Amazing blog

    Lots of love http://firstclassical.blogspot.com/

  11. I love this photo effect. Everything you post is extremely intriguing. <3

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  12. this a beautiful! and your blog is nothing less than AMAZING!!!

    I love love love it!!!! <3 <3

    Love Sigrid



  13. Lol I feel the same way about comments, I see people visiting but not commenting. Makes me sad.

  14. You should start writing your guest notes as well, maybe he or she will answer? Or you could build a trap? I mean, eating all the teddy bear food is some serious shit, no?

    xoxo,mannequin de vitrine


  15. Hey girl!
    So, here's a comment, because you want it ;D

    I added you in my blogroll (:

    Stay cool!

    Peace and love!

  16. Jen: thank u dear. I came from miles away..

  17. Wobblin: We wish u were here! X

  18. Your photography is so gorgeous. I can't get enough of it, or your writing!

  19. Your writing is so fascinating and so are your photos!