(Dress: Malo SS 2009)

HEAT. Sweat, flesh and no where 2 hide. @ least not outside.
So I spent the morning walking through granny's wardrobes. Smell of mothballs, old perfume and expensive fabric.
As I walked in and out of the walk-through closets I realized.
Must b a million $ only in FABRIC there.


Btw, the other day by the pool.
It WAS the attorney callin' . Of course.
"Do you have it?" he asked and I froze. DID I have it?
I went inside and I looked in the drawer and THERE it was. How could I've forgotten? I took the tiny golden key in my hand, it felt weirdly heavy and quite cold against the skin of my palm.
"Sure" I said "I've got it.
I tried to say it casual, but my heart pounded violently.
"Now what do you want me I do with it?"
"Hold on to it" he said.
And b4 I could say anything else he hung up and I just stood there, heart still pounding. Was I dreaming?


  1. Put the key on a silk ribbon and wear it around your neck like the most precious gem. *

  2. Ah. The smell of expensive fabric... there ain't anything quite like it. Unless it's burning- then well, it smells like burning hair (silk does at least).



  3. your granny must have been the absolute diva.i wish i had silver hair too!

  4. you are the queen of cliff hangers!!

    keep it up,

  5. Terrific
    O wrote about you on my blog
    check it ; http://insolenteparisienne.blogspot.com/2011/08/pneumonia-white.html

  6. Why did you remove a WHOLE post? Yeah your blog kinda sucks now. You are running out of fuel

  7. Yes, like I said in the post you removed- I am slowly drifting away from your blog. I wouldnt say it 'sucks', as much as your writing really is terrible and cannot focus with all the spelling mistakes. I do love the pictures though... but the story line is running out of fuel.

  8. Filipa Moreno, great suggestion! i'm gonna do that

  9. Salomé, you're such a sweetheart. love

  10. anon, because i thought it would look stupid if removed only some of it.