It started as the diary of my haunted Hollywood life, but now, five weeks l8tr, sitting here inm the shade under the Sycamore tree in the back of grannys garden, I realise this blog has changed my life. Mysterious and strange things are happening.
People show up in my life, tangled threads and I've gotten mails. Hundrereds of mails from all over the world. (A beautiful black letter from The Falklands, a white one from Osaka.)

I am really, in heart, a lonely person, and all this sudden love feels overwhelming. Especially since this blog exposes some of my darkest sides and I really don't know how to THANK you all, but @ least I'm going to put some of you up here for the world to see.

List of Pneumonia Whites little monsters:
1. Phillipe Le Nerd
2. Black Swan
3. Luna Supernova
4. CocoRosa
5. Kat
6. Olivia
7. The Trashed Fashion
8. Feathers into dust
9. Pret A Protester
10. 3 Dollars
11. Marianna
12. Meagan
13. SF Trend
14. Stylistic Kosilala
15. Anna Eliza
16. Christeric
17. Isabel
18. Taghrid
19. Jazz Emporium
20. Just another fashion blog
21. Wild Child
22. Vanilla Kisse
23. Jacqueline
24. The 4 Hundred Beats
25. Textbook
26. Lexie
27. Mystic Medusa
28. Snakes Nest
29. Midnight Moonshine
30. Cinched Waist
31. Cashmere Print
32. Insolente Parisienne
33. Happydiscosadness
34. Velvet moon diaries
35. The ordinary peoples
36. The Gore Princess
37. Koi Story
38. Lightsdrivemysoul

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, my Monsters.

(If YOU have linked to me or written about me or made a picture of me or just want to sleep with me please TELL me. I will put your name here and bless you with some of the old white magic that granny stored in her Bel Air basement.)


  1. Oh Pneumonia White thanks for sharing these blogs. such a grand list it is, and I’ve been searching for a new range of blogs to follow.
    I have to say that after sharing your blog to my dearest friends they cannot stop talking.
    We’re all so intrigued and enchanted by your charm.
    You’ve been the greatest inspiration.


  2. Oh I will defenitly try. However diffrent language is hard, no? But I will make a big buzz here in Italia or at least some part, lol! /Regina from Milan (friends on Facebook)

  3. This is so lovely to see everyone else's blogs!
    Maybe you'll look at mine, nothing much there but you've made me want to continue with it.
    Love N

  4. That's so kind of you! You're so unique, totally blessed with pure, kind magic. <3

  5. i linked you last week cause you're amazing!

  6. I'm sad you forgot me :-/ Don't forget me White!

  7. Fabulous list! Loving these blogs m'dear.

  8. You know what's strange?? I'm on the 9th position and 9 happens to by my birth date. Outrageous, how else?! I'm so fucking honored to be one of your little monsters! For real!
    Your absolutely the best thing I've found on the internet lately and my biggest regret is that I won't get the chance to discover you personally!
    Keep the story breathe, Love!

  9. Thanks for the link-love you sassy bearcat! The Jazz salute you...

  10. love this list! i actually posted about you yesterday! can't get enough of your blog :)

  11. can't EVER get enough of you.
    darkest sides are the best.

    be with you until the world turns out full black. and you'll be the only perfect white spot.

  12. thank you lovely, you deserve the exposure and shall certainly continue to receive it through ponyhunter x

  13. Cheryl: You will b on my next monster list. <3

  14. Jacqueline: I will not forget you again! <3

  15. i wanna be your baby monster!

  16. You are so amazing. I just can't get enough of you, your blog, and Aloysius! Just wanted to let you know I just did a little post/feature on your blog, hope you can check it out !


  17. I couldn't help but add you to my list of blogs I love. You're fantastic.

  18. Thank you dear white for being your little monster!
    i feel the same *

  19. your mystery intoxicates me x

  20. pneumonia took air and gave words. awesome, lovely!

    sunshine against loneliness,

  21. yup, you are in my blogroll for 'read these for devastating good taste' :)

  22. This is such an amazing list of blogs, I just wrote about you actually. I find you so inspiring, you are incredible!

  23. Linked ya when you first emailed me.

  24. Can I just say that I love your blog, it has a mysterious aura, but it's original and inspiring. I love this.

  25. i haven't been blessed my darling, perhaps bear is mad at me :(

    stay cinched,

  26. Linked to you in this post:


  27. thanks for the link pneumonia,

    I just have to say you made a mistake about our blog's name ^^ it is The 4 Hundred Beats !Could you edit it please ?

    Thanks a lot
    Love your blog <3

  28. The fact that you added me along all these glorious bloggers is SUCH an honor, thank you so much! You are amazing, really!

  29. i wana be a monster tooooooooooo
    ill resend the link for the pneumonia white post i did (:


  30. Linked to Pneumonia White here!

    Am obsessed with the blog!



  32. Am i sucking up to be named in your blog?? Maybe.. But do I love your pictures a freakin lot and would so wish to know more about you... absofuckinlutely yes.. Does that make me a monster?? I sure hope so..

  33. Thanks so much for including me in your Monster Tribe Anya!! You are Truly a Gem...;)

    Faiza xo

  34. How come some monsters are on your other list but not on this list? What is the other list on the left column bottom of your page?

  35. I would morree than sleep with you White.. I'd leave you wanting more ..;) ahaha


    by me.

  37. wow, just discovered your blog and felt in love with it! You are so very talented and profound!
    It would be an honor to me if you would have a look on my blog

  38. This blog is beautiful.
    Your pictures are like dreams of that other world that lives inside oneself, waiting to be awakened in the darkness and the light of the mind.
    My blog is but a child in comparison, but I write from my heart and I would be honored to make your prestigious list. But likely I will not. Maybe someday, when I have seen as much of life as you have (and you of course will have seen much more by then). For now, will anyone glancing this way come and give my corner of the world a chance?
    (You are linked there today.)


  40. Your blog is the most eerily entrancing read I have had for a very long time. You add another dimension to the fashion/blogging realms. Truly one of a kind. Never stop your fingers from telling the secrets that lie within!

    Upon finding your blog an hour and a half ago, I was inspired to write. This was the result: