I know you're all dying 2 hear what Aloysius told me two nights ago.

I've told you about his mood swings, outbursts and most lately - various diseases. I've been alternating between irritation and worry. But enough is ENOUGH, so when he broke all rules by running away, ordering 200$ worth of tequila and then throwing up on my McQueen dress, I made it clear that if he didn't tell me what was wrong I would put him in the shower. Then, in the dusky light of the Roosevelt Hotel, with shaky voice and breath reeking of tequila, he told me...

The reason for his behavior is called LOVE, and the object of his affection is BLACK.
Ha ha ha. Oh my stupid, stupid bear.

"Is this why you refuse to eat?" I asked him. "Is this why you've started to dress like Oscar Wilde's lover?"
He looked at me, insulted. 
"No" he said "the reason I don't eat is that I think eating is bourgeois. And regarding my new look, lets just say that I'm not a child anymore."
"Ok" I forced myself not to laugh @ his pompous voice "but why didn't you TELL me?"
"I didn't want to make you jealous!"
"But darling Aloysius." I said. "Why would I be jealous? You are like a brother to me."
"Sisters and brothers" he said and looked me in the eyes "can lust for each other, even fornicate. It's in the bible."
I pretended I didn't hear the last remark and told him I'm happy for him and that he should let Black know. But THAT he of course wouldn't do. Instead he spent the entire DAY yesterday in front of the mirror, brushing his fur and adjusting the ridiculous bow tie she gave him.
"You've had that thing on 4 two weeks now, don't you think it starts to look sorta worn out?" I asked him this morning.
"This thing" he responded with an arrogant voice "makes this little bear look like a true grizzly."
I looked at the stained piece of cloth.
"Really?" I said. "Who told you?" But I already knew the answer. 

Oh christ. I don't know what is worse - him being sick or him being in love.


  1. Oh Aloysius! If I was constantly in the presence of two beautiful ladies like you and Black I'd also find it hard not to fall in love.
    But at least he's not dying!

  2. Your writing is addictive! Can't wait for more : )
    Would love to have one of your future books ;^) I can see them materializing already.
    Blessings on your talent.
    Much love,


  3. White, may I about a few things new like?
    What music do you listen to? Any favourite bands or artists?
    What are some of your favourite books and films?
    I feel cheeky asking personal things like this but you amaze me, and I wonder what things has shaped the person you are!

  4. oh, aloyisus aloysius. how will this end?

  5. brothers loving sisters....sisters loving brother..it's not only in the bible, it's in "flowers in the attic," {http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flowers_in_the_Attic}
    which, to this day, holds more influence à moi than the bible.
    methinks for aloysius too.

  6. Oh poor Aloyisus! It would be good if he could tell about his feelings to Black. But I think he did wrong with drinking your moneys...

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  7. What a childish bear, you must be really worried. Make sure he won't starve himself. Maybe YOU should tell Black as she still is your best friend and I think she deserves to know.

  8. Oh Aloysius! He's in love, how cute. He deserves someone to make him happy. <3

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  9. love this shot, amazing how sunlight is shaping the silhouette


  10. I think Black needs a boyfriend.

  11. I love your posts :D


  12. Silly Aloysius, I suppose we will never really understand the reasoning of others! vomit on a McQueen dress is a cold-sweat nightmare...


  13. oh aloysius is soooooo adorable! i find your story very interesting.


  14. Aloysius aloysius, just another victim of that beast called love. But he shouldn’t worry. He’s in great hands.

  15. oh, aloysius is such a cute bear !!

  16. ggshoe, i'm waiting for it too. :D LOVE

  17. Courtney Michele, he really does! X

  18. Anonymous, haha, i'll tell her that! X

  19. Bec, and i'm gonna tell mr bear you said that. he'll be so happy. X

  20. your writing is absolutely captivating. kisses

  21. just discovered your blog! <3 it! you write beautifully and i love the pictures too!