Last night me and Black followed grannys suspicious MEXICAN GARDENER. Silent under stars like shadow cats along the dark streets of old Bel Air, cross the glittering Sunset Boulevard and into the smelly backalleys until he entered a shady Dive bar north of Cahuenga. And there we sat. For 4 hours, watched him silently downing one Corona after another while watching some dog-racing on the bars old TV.

After another hour of no mafia, fist fights or shoot-outs Aloysius fell asleep on the sidewalk and Black was so drunk that I decided it was time to head back home.

While my bear and bff continued the night with rapping along to 99 problems I went inside to get some ice and there- in the middle of the living room a new object had appeared: a gigantic wooden giraffe that wore some sorta weed perfume.

Ok. Obviously, Mr mysterious cannot be the gardener. So who is he?


Thank you Supernova for your kind words.


  1. You and Black look gorgeous!
    I think Mr. Mysterious is just a ghost, visting three unusual people in LA. ;)

  2. Who ARE you Pneumonia. I found you a week after an article in LA Times and have followed you since then, sitting for hours just re-reading your posts.
    You are by far the most interesting thing out there right now.
    Love Peter Welsh

  3. By the way, do you have Russian roots?

    Great photos, you and Black are amazing - beautiful and mysterious.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  4. just sitting here amazed. you are my new favourite blog. So glad to have stumbled upon you. You have a magnificent way with words and crafting exquisite sentences.

    again. you are amazing.

    and dont get me started on the photos. Oh how I wish i could join in on you and Blacks adventures.

  5. Corpse Wings †: god, i HOPE he's a ghost. X

  6. Anonymous: i'm just an ordinary girl. sort of. x

  7. Paula: i'm from kareliya, but "the finnish part" of it. and thank you!!! x

  8. Maebe Isadora: wow, thank you. you're welcome to join us any day. x