Mr Mystery/Sombrero Guy/Zombie.
Lives in the little white house under the Black Walnut Tree in granny's garden.
As far as I’ve discovered so far, Mr Mysterious owns a Persian cat and exclusively eats red velvet cake. Also, he collects things like a magpie on psycedelic drugs. Broken roadsigns, old movie set things like a huge plastic arm from some 50ies Sci-Fi that he dumps in a heap by the pool.
Latest found was a gigantic wooden giraffe drenched in some sorta weed perfume.

The former queen of old Bel Air. Long silver hair, expensive british hats and the most genuine of hearts. Granny was the one who stained mine and Viktor's beds with rosewater to keep the nightmares away. She died a month ago, and that's why I'm here. To live in her house, until the funeral. I think she has something planned for me.

Is from Los Angeles. I still don't understand why things turned out the way they did, but I can’t blame him: Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks goes really well with a Valentino Newman suit. But you don't care about clothes when you're buried in the dirt.

Makes costumes for movies (that’s why we travelled a lot). Would rather go naked than wear anything that isn't Chanel. When Maxfield had their sale she took of work and checked in at Beverly Wilshire, so “no stupid c-listed celeb would get the star pieces” before her. Now lives on a farm in south England. Mother also has the best of hearts, except perhaps for Granny, and the rest of humanity.

The lawyer.
Wears a worn-out checked suit and talks so slow that you sometimes wonder if he recently had a stroke. He comes here every now and then with his portfolio of blanks for me to fill in. Smells of watermelon gum and cheap cigars.

The gardener.
In Mexico he once won a trophy for his excellent care of Platyrhodon. Wears a paisley fretted suit and loves Hermione Granger and Nino Ferrer. Me and Black thought that he was the mysterious guest for a while, but apparently he’s just a Mexican gardener.

Was my boyfriend when I was younger. When I broke up with him I decided to never fall in love again.

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  1. GOD how i wanna know who mr mystery is. you have to find out!

  2. "Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks goes really well with a Valentino Newman suit. But you don't care about clothes when you're buried in the dirt"

    Most beautiful and achingly sad description, it reminds me of a line in an old black and white movie x

  3. I love your writing! You are brilliant.x

  4. but what about this evan guy? who is he?

  5. That's one hip bear ; )

  6. your writings are amazing,and so is the whole atmosphere of your blog.i 've read everything on it.oh,and aloysius, i love him!

  7. what about that encrypted text? I'm so curious right now...

  8. You write Victor differently in 'My Dead Brother', you use a K instead of a C.

  9. wow, this is dramatic

  10. i miss you white

    stay cinched,

  11. Black and white all that's missing is my red